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Image of Away The Gas - eBook [PDF] - Lovely 260 page colour book

Away The Gas - eBook [PDF] - Lovely 260 page colour book


This is an eBook of 'Away The Gas' my first Rovers book, which, along with 40 other Gasheads, chronicles over 50 years of Pirate away days all over the country. Please see the main ATG listing for full details of the contents.

I'm not an expert for every type of e-reading device so I'll just tell you the details of the eBook and let you decide whether it is the format etc that you want for your reader / tablet etc.

It's a medium resolution PDF file - 9.8mb - so the photos are still pretty good quality at a normal reading size. It has been specially adapted from my original design file (for the original paper print run) to be more user friendly and have more colour in it, so hopefully the extra hours I've put into this will be worth it for you, the customer.

I believe it should be ok for pretty much all readers as it is in the most wide spread format - PDF - which can be read by virtually every device on the planet and whose technology is freely available on the net.

It will be emailed to you.

eBooks of my other Rovers books are available on other listings, including even cheaper 'bundle' listings.

If you do have any problems, or questions, please just contact me, Martin -

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